Welcome to the RMP Family

Welcome to the world of Rachael Maxwell Photography, or RMP as I often call it. It’s just so much easier to say and type RMP!

I’m attempting to be better at blogging this year, and what better way to kick it all off than with a fun post about myself and my business.

In the future, I’ll post about my favorite sessions, tips & tricks to prep for your sessions, and maybe even some photography tips that you can use at home with your own families.

Photo courtesy of Amy Rhodes Photography

Photo courtesy of Amy Rhodes Photography

Let’s start off with the basics. Hi! I’m Rachael. With a special extra A in there for flavor. Funny story — my mom has a distant cousin in the UK with the same name and spelling, so that particular spelling was in the back of her mind. When it came time to give me an official name, my parents decided on Rachel, like in the Bible. On to the paperwork it went…


For whatever reason, when they got home from the hospital, they double checked the Bible spelling. Oops. No second A. Oh well, too late now!

I love the extra A, but if you have a uniquely spelled name, you probably feel my pain — correcting people, spelling out my email very clearly so I get all my vital store coupons, no personalized trinkets when traveling… it’s a rough life. If you’ve ever wondered why my website, work email, Venmo, etc, use ‘R’ rather than my full first name, now you know why.

I grew up in the Bay Area of California. For those that don’t know where that is, it’s about an hour south of San Francisco and about 45 minutes inland from the coast. Think… Apple, ridiculous housing prices, sourdough bread, the smell of garlic in the summer, nerdy with a touch of hippy, and way too many dang cars on the road. I don’t miss much about California (if it stresses me out to park at Target, I’m out), but I do find myself longing for the sand and crashing waves of the beach.

When my husband and I started dating, we spent a lot of our time driving the winding freeway over to the coast for beach side walks and bonfires. It’s no surprise that when we look for vacation spots, we tend to chose coastal locations where we can sit our butts in the sand and listen to the waves. I’m pretty sure we’d go to Hawaii every year if the budget allowed for it.

Photo courtesy of Amy Rhodes Photography

Photo courtesy of Amy Rhodes Photography

The RMP team has definitely grown and changed since I started this business in 2012. I had recently given birth to my second son when I decided it was time to take the plunge and quit my office job to stay home with my boys and turn my hobby into a full-fledged business. Now we’re a family of 6 and I’m gearing up to have all 4 kiddos in school and preschool later this year (FREE TIME, GUYS!).

But even though the face of Rachael Maxwell Photography has changed over the past 7 years, the goal and purpose hasn’t budged. I believe in capturing stories for people through photos. I believe that all people are beautiful and unique. I believe in color and life and love and laughter. I truly love to capture these connections and events in peoples’ lives and to give clients photos that they can look back on and say, “this is us, and we are pretty dang awesome!”

And I will always believe in having fun while doing all of that. ;)

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