Just Pick Already, Rachael

So what is your favorite session to shoot, Rachael?


Uhm? I have to pick one? I can’t have a little bit of everything?

I do get asked a fair amount what my favorite thing is to shoot and I never have a good answer because it really is like choosing my favorite child. Or my favorite dessert… that’s just about as impossible because cookies don’t color on my walls. Photographer friends will even ask me why I don’t specialize and I don’t have a real answer other than I like the variety and excitement.


If you really want me to chose, I’d have to say family sessions, but it’s not because that’s where most of my business is, it’s because family sessions mean I get to be sneaky and still do a little bit of everything! Sure, we have the posed family shots with everyone smiling at the camera, but then we have the candid family photos where someone is getting tickled or cracking a joke. Then we have all the kids as individuals as well as together with their siblings. And we even sneak in some photos of mom & dad together getting all sorts of mushy and smoochie. Bonus? Sometimes we get photos of the kids with mom & dad on their own.


So you can see why my indecisive personality would lean towards a love of family portrait sessions — 60 minutes of play time with parents and kids of various ages, stages, and sizes. It’s always a little different and I love that variety. It’s like making my cake and eating it, too… and not having the calories count! Win win WIN situation if you ask me!