Just Pick a Favorite, Rachael

Hey, Rachael! What’s your favorite type of session to shoot?


Guys, that’s like deciding which child is your favorite. Or asking whether I like pizza or tacos more. Impossible questions. In a world where most photographers specialize into one or two categories, I’ve never been able to pick just one thing. I love families, and newborns, and seniors, and weddings.

If you couldn’t tell, I am HUGELY indecisive. Try planning a date with me….. But I guess if I had to chose one session type, I’d say family sessions are my favorite. Mostly because it allows me to do all sorts of different sessions in one sitting.

Posed photos? Check.

Candid photos and unique perspectives? Check.

Kiddos? Check.

Couples in love? Check.

It’s like a pizza flavored taco… OK, never mind, that doesn’t sound appetizing, but it IS like getting all my favorite things in one place, and that’s a pretty awesome feeling for me.

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