The Freitas Family

You might recognize some of the goobers in these photos, especially that blonde chick in the plaid dress…


Meet my family. And if you’re wondering how to pronounce my maiden name, it’s “fray-tus.” I’ve always joked that I purposely chose to marry someone with an easy to pronounce rather than everyone misspelling my first name and butchering the pronunciation of my last name ;)


All kidding aside, my family is pretty awesome. My parents raised 2 strong, independent women who are both heavily involved in the arts and they still wonder where those genes came from — my mom is a scientist by trade and my dad is a self-described “nerd.” And yet I’m a photographer, and my younger sister is a dancer. It’s always interesting to me how some kids follow in their parents footsteps and some kids go the complete opposite direction. Makes me wonder what the heck my kids are going to be when they grow up!


My parents have had photos taken with my kids every year since my older boys were little, and we all LOVE this tradition. We do photos of them as a group and then one-on-one photos of each kid with both grandma & grandpa. And when my sister comes to town, we make sure to get some full family shots as the kids grow and change. This year, we ventured out to Nelson so that my parents could explore it and see it for the first time since moving out here to Vegas.


So now we have updated family photos in the desert we all call home. Well, my sister still lives in the land of snow, but the rest of us have accepted cactus, dirt, and rock as our home. ;) Speaking of my little sister…. we didn’t take any standing photos this year, but even in heels, the girl is taller than I am. And if you’ve met me, you know that I tower over a lot of people at 5’8”. But yes, my sister is 4 years younger, and about 3 inches taller than I am. Which, as the older sibling, I find HIGHLY unfair.

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