The Selinger Family


Most of the time, my sessions take place outside. I consider myself a “natural light photographer,” which usually means the light of the sun. I know the basics of off camera lighting, but it’s really not my forte. I make 2 exceptions, though — one is for newborn sessions, and the other is for family lifestyle sessions. Granted, I’m still using the light from the sun, just through the windows of a family’s home.


The Selingers are some of my California clients and every time I’m out there, they give me the opportunity to photograph their family in their beautiful home. Their multi-level home in the California hills is the perfect setting for casual photos of them in their element — spending time together as a family. It’s not even my house and I have so many favorite spots in it — their bedroom has huge doors that let in tons of indirect sunlight, they have a small porch area on one side of the house that is surrounded by plants and green, so it gives photos sort of a moody feel, and their backyard area is shaded by the house in the afternoons, so it’s the perfect spot to get photos of their cute girls as they play.


Lifestyle sessions are great for so many reasons, as these guys show me every year. First off, it is truly a casual, laid-back session. Outfits are casual, posing is relaxed, and attitudes are chill. I love that these sessions capture all the imperfectly perfect moments of a couple or family together. There’s no such thing as perfectly posed — but there are tons of games, book reading, pillow fights, snack making, and cuddles. It’s a great way to capture real life for your family. I’m thinking about adding these sessions to my “list of offerings” — what do you guys think? Would you be interested in having one of these awesome sessions?