The Hardy - Harms Wedding


I’ve talked many times about how nice it is that this job and my clients allow me to travel to different places and how sometimes it allows me to reconnect with old friends and acquaintances. Well this wedding was the perfect example of both!


Nicole and I went to high school together and have stayed in touch via social media over the years (see, Facebook isn’t all bad!). It’s been fun to chat here and there and see pictures of each other and I got to follow along her adventures as she moved from California to Idaho… where she met the handsome groom in these photos. So when she messaged me and asked if I’d be willing to travel for her summer wedding in the vineyards of the Oregon hills, my response was… “Uhm, DUH!” I had to sound collected and professional, guys, and that was about the best response I could come up with.


There were so many perfect details and stories about this wedding — let’s just start with the fact that the bride and groom were Nic and Nicole. I mean, how perfect is that? Then there was their gorgeous wedding venue — Sweet Cheeks Winery in Eugene, Oregon. Most of the bride’s family is in California and the groom’s is in Idaho, plus friends and family scattered across the United States. So these guys decided to pick another location entirely and make it a beautiful destination affair for everyone. Another reason why it made sense to just fly in the photographer from Vegas, right?!


I “hired” my husband to be my bag man for the event and we got to make a long weekend out of the trip — the bride and groom had rented a house for the weekend and invited us to stay with them and it was a great experience and gave the both of us lots of opportunities to chat with friends, family, and the wedding party and get to know them before the wedding. The wedding venue was nestled in the hills of Eugene and it really was perfect weather on a perfect summer day — it was a little bit breezy, but more of the “Beyonce wind in the hair” breeze than the “baton down the hatches, a tornado is coming” wind that I’m used to in the desert.


Everything about this wedding was beautiful and welcoming. From the friendships, to the picturesque views & delicious treats (Those cupcakes? Guys. That was the other perk to staying in the “wedding house” — the leftovers were in the house with us. Enough said.).

It was such a joy to spend the day with Nic & Nicole as they celebrated their wedding and I can’t wait to see how they continue to grow together!