When Things Go Wrong...

When I was a kid and teenager — heck, even as an adult — I hated doing anything that put me on the spot or made me look stupid. I avoided most sports, solos, making friends, and trying new things. It took years — and good ol’ RMP — to help me break out of that shell and realize it’s OK to be goofy and mess up. Good thing, too, when my crazy dance moves & farting noises have become my signature at sessions!

But there are still times when I mess things up and want to curl up into a ball and hide. This past fall, I had one of those moments on a shoot.

Before I have a session, I always double check my bag — I check my batteries, clear memory cards, and make sure Bob the Dinosaur is in my bag if needed. On this night, I was headed to a last minute mini session with a friend of mine. I knew I’d charged both batteries a few days prior and Bob was freshly washed and in the bag. Off I went to my session.

You see where this is going, don’t you?

I was chatting with my friend and her family, getting to know her kids, and off to a great start. I set my bag down in the grass and started to pull my camera out. I turned on the camera to see an ‘E’ in the bottom right corner. AKA - No memory card in either slot. I kept my cool as I reached into the place in my bag where the memory cards live, already knowing what I’d find… nothing. Everything was flashing through my head like a train wreck — I’d pulled out the memory card pouch the day before, and because my three year old is a terror & likes to play with the pouch, I’d tossed it on the shelf above my computer, which is conveniently hidden by my monitor.

At that point, I just hung my head and started laughing. I told my client what was going on as I scoured every pouch and pocket in my bag, just in case, and pulled out my phone to call my husband. “Dear…. I need you to safely speed the 15 minutes up here to my location with my memory cards, and oh yeah, sunset is in about 30 minutes, so….. I love you??”

I lucked out that these guys were so easy going and kind about the situation, because I was legitimately sweating and scattered and redder than a tomato the whole time. Sometimes things just don’t work out according to plan, eh? But you better believe that now I double check EVERY pouch on my bag before a session!