Working with RMP

Every so often, I get asked what to expect from a session with me… I’d hope that most people agree “fun” would be an accurate answer.

Firstly, I really believe that you’re not just paying for quality photos, you’re also paying for a quality experience. I like to connect with my clients and to have fun with them so that they can walk away happy, confident, and feeling special. I laugh way too loud, I dance for laughs & then trip over my own feet while doing it, and I wipe boogers without a second thought. I’m comfortable behind the camera and aim to make you comfortable in front of it.


So what can you expect from the RMP experience?

BEFORE YOUR SESSION - Once you have chosen your date and time, you will receive two emails - one will have a link to an invoice for your session fee, the other email contains a link to our client access page. Here you will find information on how to prepare for your session, location guides, and our Photo Agreement. This form can be filled out online and gives me more information about your family and what you would like for your session. This Photo Agreement and the session fee are required for your booking, and once completed, your session is confirmed and on the calendar! About a week before your session, you’ll receive a session reminder email. Included is your session date, time, as well as a map or directions if you’ve never been to the location.


DURING YOUR SESSION - On the day of your session, give yourself extra time to get ready, and a few extra minutes of driving time in case you hit traffic. Take a deep breath and leave the stress to me. I suggest bringing a small bag with the essentials - bobby pins, lip gloss, a diaper and wipes, maybe a small treat or snack.

I usually recommend leaving large bags and strollers in the car or at home - we will be walking around a bit, but by the time you pack kiddos in the stroller and pick up all the bags, we’ll be ready to put them down again at the next spot.

I always have a camera bag and can easily carry your smaller items while we work.

Again, DEEP BREATH, and let’s have some FUN!

1 - Don’t be nervous. I promise I’m really nice. My jokes may be corny, but I’ve got good intentions.

2 - Let me know if you have any “concern areas.” Maybe it’s a tattoo you really wish you hadn’t gotten, maybe it’s a scar on your arm that never faded. I can give you tips to make you feel more confident or to minimize the concern (I feel like I have a bird beak nose, so I stay away from profile photos of myself).

3 - I usually spend the first few minutes letting your kids warm up to me and my gear. I’m not ignoring the parents or older children, I’ve just learned that the process goes a lot smoother when I chat with them a bit before I start asking them to smile at the big black box.

4 - Once we’re all warmed up and ready, I usually start with the posed shots - the ones you want to send to Grandma. There’s always time and room for flexibility, so once we’ve got a few good poses, we’ll relax and get some candid shots.

5 - Don’t feel like you always have to stare directly at me. Tickle your kids, heck, tickle your spouse! Feel free to snuggle and hug and let out those big “belly laughs” as we have fun. If you think your wife looks beautiful - tell her! Those candid, “in-between” moments tell the REAL story of your family or relationship.

6 - I’ll say it again. Don’t worry, don’t stress. If we’re doing a posed shot, let me do the crazy faces or noises. Give me your best smile and I’ll work on getting everyone’s attention. Your kids are not the worst, your family is not the craziest, and I will want to work with you again. I promise. Plus, chasing kids around counts as my workout for the day - it’s a win-win.


AFTER YOUR SESSION - So what happens after we’ve met and had our fun? Now is when you get to go home and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done, maybe a trip for dinner or ice cream? It’s my time to go home and play with your images! WIthin a day or two, you will start seeing previews or “sneaks” posted on my Facebook and/or Instagram pages.

Most sessions take 1-2 weeks to edit and post, but they make take up to 3 weeks during peak season (September-December). At the end of your session, I’ll give you an estimate based on my work load. If you need your images sooner than quoted, please let me know.

When your photos are done, you will receive an email with your digital gallery. Ordering instructions are included in the email and the gallery will be live for orders and downloads for 14 days, after which your photos will be archived.

And there you have it — a basic idea of what to expect when you hire me to capture your photos! Here’s hoping I sold you on working with me and didn’t send you running the other direction….

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