What to Wear

One of the most common questions I’m asked by clients…

What do I WEAR?!

This is probably the most stressful part about planning a session, but here are some tips & tricks that will help ease your anxiety about outfit choices.

• First things first - deep breath, you got this. Second, take a look through your closets - just because you’re doing photos doesn’t mean you need brand new wardrobes! Often times, you’ve got great pieces already tucked away in your closet or you’ll find inspiration for your color palate.

• Think about your location - if it’s very green, then putting everyone in green or brown probably isn’t the best idea. Bright pops of color like pink or red will stand out against the green backdrops and make a great statement.

• I usually recommend taking your hardest-to-dress family member and finding their outfit first. In our family, that’s me, followed by my daughter — we’re the only girls and I like us to have a bit of girly flair. Once you’ve chosen outfits and colors that work for that person or persons, you can build from there.

• Chose 2-3 complimentary colors and have fun mixing and matching. One of the easiest ways to pick a color scheme is to chose one neutral color (black, white, gray) and two complimentary colors. I like to find a shirt or dress that has the 2-3 colors in it and build from that. Bonus — that piece is usually a patterned piece (more on that later)!

• Don’t forget that jewelry, tights, shoes, jackets, and belts are all great ways to add a pop of color and interest. As I learned on What Not to Wear, you do NOT need to be matchy-matchy and perfectly match your accessories.

• Patterns and layers help to add texture and dimension to your photos — jackets, chambray tops, and vests are some of my favorite accessories.

• Neon and logos are no-no’s. Electric colored shirts tend to cast a highlighter-esque shade on your face and we don’t want that. Logos are distracting and often take away from your photos.

• More than anything, wear something that you feel comfortable in so that you can relax and feel confident! Don’t worry about being the smallest size or most trendy — let your personality and beauty shine!

Take a look at some awesome examples and color combos below.

Rachael Maxwell