The Telstad Family

As a business owner, I’m not supposed to have favorites. And the reality is that I don’t. I have dozens of beloved families and hundreds, if not thousands, of favorite images, mostly because I have such fun memories connected with each client and their images.

But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that these beautiful people have an extra special place in my heart. Scott and I have known each other since junior high, mumble mumble years ago, Michelle is my best friend, and their two adorable girls are my nieces. So I think you’ll forgive me if I gush on them for awhile. Living 500 miles away really stinks sometimes, so I take any opportunity I can to get these guys in front of my lens. And I’ve been lucky enough to capture some pretty awesome moments for their family — engagement, wedding, newborns, Hebrew naming ceremonies, and now - finally - an outdoor family photo session.

Sometimes we have a hard time fighting the urge for perfect “everyone smiling”, Christmas card worthy photos. I get it — I’m a mom and a client, too — and if I’m investing my money in something, I want my kids to cooperate, dangit. But here’s the thing… that’s not reality for most of us. Yes, I’ve been told I’m a “magician” and a “miracle worker” to get great photos of families and couples, but I’m just capturing the beauty and magic that is already there inside of you. When you give me a chance to play and laugh with you, to connect with your kids, to encourage you to connect with each other… that’s when that magic happens, and that’s all you! These images are the perfect example of the magic that can happen when you allow yourself to relax and connect. The magic is truly in the details.

And so, we ate an entire can of cereal puffs, we got scrapes on our palms, we wiped boogers, we got a little silly, I put my camera down and we laughed for a little while, Scott made Michelle tear up a little, and then he kissed her like he did on their wedding day. Sure we got some of those “holiday card moments,” but we got a gallery full of beautiful memories.