The Kwapich Family

One of the perks of my job is getting to travel for sessions and weddings throughout the year. I’ve made many trips to California and Utah, but this past spring, I got the opportunity to go to Arizona and work with the Kwapich family. Melissa is one of six kids and I’ve gotten to work with two sisters in Nevada, one in Utah, and now it was her turn! They live in eastern Arizona, so we met up in Phoenix and made a trip out of it so they could update their family photos and take Sierra’s senior portraits.

I knew that if these six were anything like their siblings and cousins, that I was in for a major treat, and oh was I treated. We had perfect weather, a fun location, and amazing smiles and laughter for the entire evening. To top it off, the sky decided to show off and give us an epic sunset for the end of their session.

It was a highlight of my year to work with this family and recently I found out that I’ll be going back to Arizona this year to photograph Sierra’s wedding — cue excitement and happy dances! I’m looking forward to more desert beauty, dinner at Postino (a place we found last year with AMAZING bruschetta), and time with these beautiful people and all of their family.

Rachael Maxwell