The Cruz Family

It makes my heart ridiculously happy to get friends in front of my camera. Often, I only really know mom, and these sessions are a great chance for me to meet the husbands and kids and watch them interact as a family. I know Amber from High Fitness classes, so usually we’re both stinky and drenched in sweat as we chat, but that doesn’t stop this woman from being one of the most gentle, kind-hearted people that I’ve ever met.

Getting to work with her her family was seriously a dream. Like most moms, she worried about her littlest listening and smiling, but he was a total stud! All the kids loved my stuffed dinosaur, Bob (which made me feel good that my corny jokes were a hit), but for some reason, they didn’t believe him when he said they all smelled like macaroni and cheese.

Amber and David were also the perfect models for their photos as a couple. These photos are so important to me — I mean, your family started with you two! I often ask a lot of questions to get couples thinking and talking, and even though I can’t always hear a couples’ answers, I can always see the love and fun on their faces. These guys gave each other googly eyes, belly laughs, and even a few happy tears… which made me do a happy dance… and deliver a ridiculous number of sappy perfect photos.