Rachael Maxwell Photography

Meet Rachael

I am a portrait photographer serving the Las Vegas Valley. I grew up in the California Bay Area, so I'm part desert rat, part beach bum. 

I firmly believe that every person and moment deserves to be captured and cherished for years to come - everything from the big smiles to the little hugs and details - and I get pretty passionate making sure everyone gets that experience.

When I'm not out taking photos, I'm a stay-at-home mom to three boys, ages 8, 7, and 3 (eep!) and a 4 year old princess. I consider myself lucky because I can stay home with them and watch them grow (aka destroy my house...), while building my business and expanding my love for photography.

In my mountains of spare time (ha!), I like to hang out with friends, go to the gym, and I am a group fitness instructor for High Fitness... mostly so I can eat my cookies and tacos with minimal guilt.

I do crazy happy dances when I get "the shot", I like some really random music (please do not torture me with country, though), and my guilty pleasure would have to be competition shows! If someone gets eliminated each week, I'm there to watch them booted off!

I consider myself an open book and would love the chance to share more of my story and get to know more about yours!



Home is Las Vegas, NV (no, I do not live in a hotel), so that is my primary area of service. Because my husband and I were born and raised in the CA Bay Area and we still have friends in the area, I make regular trips to the Bay. There are usually 1-2 scheduled Bay Area photo trips each year, but I am always available for more, as well as travel to other cities and states. I'll take any excuse to travel!


Do you offer mini sessions?

Mini sessions are offered at various times throughout the year. Mini sessions are a shorter 20-30 minute session with fewer images provided. They are usually offered in blocks of multiple sessions on specific dates. We announce all mini session dates and locations on our social media accounts as well as our email newsletter.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. In order to book your session, I require a non-refundable session fee as well as a completed photo agreement. This fee covers the preparation for your shoot, shooting time, and the editing of your photos. When you claim a date on the calendar, it means someone else may miss out on a session. While the session fee is non-refundable, it can be moved to a different date should you need to reschedule.


is there a minimum order required after my session?

No! You will be allowed to chose the free downloads included with your session, and then you can chose additional downloads, prints, and other product options according to your likes and budget. Digital downloads can be purchased individually or in bundles. Your gallery stays up for 14 days, so you can spread out your purchases, or contact me for a payment plan option.

why don't i get a cd of images?

Simply put, digital downloads allow you to receive your images faster! No more waiting on the mail or a drive across town for a pickup. The minute the photos are done, they're in your inbox! I do suggest you back up any downloads you purchase - CD, USB, and external hard drives are all great options. I also believe that your photos deserve to be printed, not stuck on a CD in a drawer - so please print!


so i chose my images? how does that work?

I edit all of the best images from your session. When you receive your gallery, you can chose to order your favorites for download or as professional quality prints or both! Like the whole gallery? There's an option to purchase your entire gallery at a discounted rate. This means that you can preserve the images you love the most in the way that works best for your home, all within your personal budget! I am available for post-session consultations if you need help choosing which images to download or print. We can discuss your wall space, your budget, and which images mean the most to you to come up with a display you can enjoy.